Monday, November 1, 2010

Gillette Fusion

What induces brand loyalty? Does the reputation of a product coincide with its design and functionality? Consumers need that which serves a purpose, and they want what they necessarily do not need, for leisure, for instance. Some companies urge to focus on one of these aspects yet the successful ones focus on both, achieving loyalty from consumers just by doing their job. By creating an immaculate product where form and function adhere to one another, brand loyalty is automatic.

The Gillette Fusion razor is a product where my loyalty rests. I started shaving some years ago and didn't really have a preference in a specific brand, just as long as it got the job done. I would sift through the disposables and even use my older brother's without his knowledge. I watched a commercial of the Gillette Fusion a while back and figured I need to make an upgrade, and possibly have a razor I can call my own.

The chrome finish with vivid royal blue rubber grips placed conveniently along the handle allow for increased comfort compared to the plastic disposables. Orange accents also highlight the brand's color scheme on the object, utilizing the blue's compliment. The blue grips are soft and enable my fingers to rest along the handle with comfort. Also, the weight of the razor adds to the durability which it promises. I've had the same razor for years, of course switching out the blades when needed with a conveniently placed 'release' button which releases the blades from the handle, literally popping the blades off the handle and into the trash bin.

This razor has been a great investment and proved the statement, 'you get what you pay for'. The Gillette company designed this product with the consumer in mind, with me in mind; and it's very much appreciated.

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