Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deep in the Woods

The University of Oregon has a reputation for outlandish design, I think a couple years back the football team had ten different variations of their on-field jersey, some hits, some misses. Jerseys are one thing, they're worn for a few hours then placed back into circulation until they need to be worn next, maybe never worn again at all. Their basketball jerseys aren't nearly as loud as their football counterparts, but that may be because the basketball court itself may take the shine away from the jerseys.

The new basketball court design is unlike anything ever witnessed before. Traditionalists may not like this new rendition but those from the pacific northwest will. The new court design emphasizes the lush forests of the region, as well as paying homage to Oregon's lone 1939 championship basketball team, back then nicknamed "The Tall Firs".

Oregon fans and players will revel in the addition of this court as their now iconic home turf while opposing teams and players may find new reasons to fear this team, especially with this elaborate flooring. The tagline "Deep in the Woods" rests underneath the school's main athletic logo while the tall firs crowd the outer perimeter of the entire court, only making space for the center of the court, where the main logo is most legible.

The colors of Oregon are green and gold, yet the color pallet chosen for the floor's design do not resemble any familiar hues of any of the school's sports teams, rather the floor resembles the region which the school is situated. The originality of this design is straight awe-inspiring. However, only time will tell if Oregon basketball will reign supreme amongst the nation, because their arena floor definitely will.

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