Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A's to San Jose?

The legitimacy of how true this concept may be is up for debate and the endless amounts of rumors which have been thrown around only lead to more loopholes. The reality of the Oakland Athletics major league baseball franchise moving to the south bay is the most concrete information known about the future of the team. I've heard that the team would move to Fremont several years ago but nothing has happened since then, and now as of late August the designs for a new stadium in San Jose have been leaked.

The plans for this new stadium are a major upgrade from the team's current ballpark, then again, a field similar to the one from Sandlot triumphs over the A's current concrete confines in Oakland. Alliteration aside, this stadium does a lot right, but also a lot wrong. The size alone of the stadium's plan is appropriate for the offerings of downtown San Jose, yet would be the smallest in all of baseball. The stadium is equally curvilinear as it is rectilinear. The curvature of the stadium accentuates the road below it, as well does the rectangular roofing does the outfield walls.

The color scheme amongst the stadium reflects that of the team itself, which is expected. The dark green of the bleachers and stands mirror the primary color of the team, while the relatively small third deck is of a yellow hue, contributing to the team's secondary color. The ballpark also incorporates a view to the outside world behind the centerfield fence, a feature definitely lacking at the coliseum in Oakland.

This stadium may be a step in the right direction for this franchise. While construction has yet to begin, being that these are only plans that have yet to be approved, this stadium is something to look forward to. Hopefully this will encourage fans to attend some games and support this team which has had abysmal attendance numbers for several years now. This stadium cannot be constructed soon enough, as Athletics fanatics are forever eager to once again root on their beloved ball club and return to national prominence.

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