Monday, November 1, 2010

Kinetic Typography

The concept of kinetic typography is unique. Imagine a monologue from your favorite movie. Remove the visuals but keep the audio. Insert type where the visuals once were, moving and shifting across the screen. This coming together of motion graphics and type is known as kinetic typography, a phenomenon which I have only recently discovered yet cannot get enough of.

The ability to manipulate font and text eludes to an entirely new way to view scenes, speeches, and even music videos. I've easily viewed dozens of these creations, all disparate. Each video puts a completely different spin on an overly-watched scene, for example from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" below.

I love working with type. I can spend hours in Adobe Illustrator meticulously choosing fonts and arranging letters until satisfied. Kinetic Typography allows these creations to come to life. I have yet to produce one of these videos but will soon try since I know of many monologues where kinetic typography will only enhance an otherwise immaculate scene.

These concoctions are fun to watch. To see the type dance around the screen is unlike anything else. Type isn't the only ingredient in these videos, however. Images can be placed at certain points during the speech for emphasis or to just switch things up a bit. Whatever the case may be, I highly recommend checking out your favorite feature film monologues on youtube by typing in the movie title followed by "kinetic typography". Chances are that somebody, somewhere, has done it.

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