Sunday, November 28, 2010

Color: Sports Teams

Regardless of which sport is taken into account, a team's colors are what differentiate one from the other. These colors aren't arbitrarily chosen but actually meticulously decided upon in order to accentuate a team amongst it's competition. College sports are more color-heavy when using terms such as complimentary hues and whatnot. They're everywhere. The students and fans in the stands proudly exhibit their love for the team in effervescent tones all the while cheering until their voice-box explodes.

A school which comes to mind right away is the University of Florida, with the mascot being the Gators. Their primary color of royal blue is complimented by their secondary color of orange. Each color emphasizes the other to an astronomical effect. The hordes of orange and blue fans in the stands only reinforces the argument. The fact that the interior of the team's football stadium, nicknamed "The Swamp" is completely orange is not just to accentuate the secondary color, but on a bright sunny day, the orange facade of the stadium is complimented by the bluish hue of the sky.

Another team where complimentary colors are utilized is in the world of basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers' color scheme of purple and gold are another example of great design choice. This team, as well as the Gators, have been around for numerous decades and have stuck to their colors to prove that these complimentary themes are long-lasting.

Using the primary colors along with their compliments only accentuates that primary color further, allowing it to stand out even more so compared to a black or white compliment. These teams are only a brief sample of effective color schemes. Every sports team in the nation has their own identity involving their primary and secondary color, and more often than not the most successful themes get copied and duplicated. This only reinforces the idea that a successful color scheme can hopefully bring a team good fortune. Worst comes to worst, the team will at least look good losing.

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